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The Dannemarie Memorial

43, Rue de Bâle
68210 Dannemarie

What is the Memorial?

The Upper Alsace Memorial is a project that is a continuation of the exhibition Les Tranchées Oubliées. Local personalities and facts such as Kilometre Zero, Corporal Jules-André Peugeot, Sub-Lieutenant Mayer or the unique character of this part of Alsace occupied by the French army will help to highlight the unique past of the Sundgau region in the Great War of 14-18. The Memorial will allow visitors to discover the daily life of both soldiers and civilians during this conflict and to understand the different points of view.

A place to visit

The Memorial

Preparing for your visit

Discover the daily life of the soldiers and civilians of the First World War thanks to the collection of more than 15,000 pieces of the Upper Alsace Memorial. Find all the information you need to get ready now.

Scénographie du Mémorial de Haute Alsace

The services offered

The Memorial also offers other services such as a restaurant directly installed in the museum building and a meeting room in order to set up your business projects in a unique place.

Scénographie du Mémorial de Haute Alsace, Présentation de l'archéologie

Teaching space

Take advantage of the educational area to learn more about the evolution of the war and its impact on the regional culture of Sundgau and the whole of Alsace. 

Jouets Éducatif

An exceptional collection

The uniforms of the First World War

The Haute-Alsace Memorial has a large collection of uniforms from the First World War. Discover some excerpts.

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